Wendy Schnitzer, the Fit Food Coach

Wendy Schnitzer, the Fit Food Coach


I’m so excited you’re checking out this page! It’s not hard to live and eat healthier — you just have to know how. That way, you can still enjoy food, it’ll still be delicious, and you’ll feel better! 

I’ve listed a lot of information on this blog. Take a look around and don’t forget to check back often. I’ll be constantly updating things, posting new recipes I am trying and nutritional and fitness tips I am learning every day! 

As a fit food coach, I show people how eating real foods tastes delicious, boosts their energy and improves their overall health.  And if it is their goal, I also tweak what they are eating so they lose those extra pounds.  Check out my website at www.fitfoodcoach.com to find out more about the services I offer. 

I see so many people going to the gym 3X/ week all motivated, eating tons of low fat, artificial foods thinking it is healthy.  They lose their 10 to 20 pounds and that is it…then gain it back…I prevent that from happening. 

I actually go to people’s houses and help them get rid of the fat free, artificial foods they are eating.  I go with them to the store and help them fill their carts with real food that has real fat and real health benefits that tastes great.  I sit down with them and create a plan of meals that actually fits their lifestyle and makes them happy while they lose weight or while they get fit.  I help them get into the best health of their lives. 

Wendy holds a degree in healthy cooking and nutrition from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Nutrition in NYC.  She completed The Coaching Weight Loss Program by Jonny Bowden. 

Wendy’s study of the connection between food, exercise, nutrition and overall health and well being is a personal passion, the result of watching her mom struggle with her weight, yo-yo dieting and Type 2 diabetes.  To distill best practices for her clients, Wendy remains current by constantly researching, reading, attending lectures and experimenting with a wide variety of health regimens. 

She is the in-house nutritionist at The Longevity Medical Clinics in Kirkland, Lynwood and Tacoma, The Sammamish Club in Issaquah and at The Plateau Club on the Sammamish plateau.  She also lectures at corporations, other training facilities and community centers on such subjects as “The Biggest Mistakes Healthy Eaters Make”, “How to Feed your Picky Eaters”, “Stocking your Whole Food Pantry” and “How to Eat to Win”.  She works with health care providers and fitness trainers in the area providing nutritional information and consulting with their clients. 

You can contact Wendy at wendy@fitfoodcoach.com 


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