Five Great Motivational Tips


Five Great Motivational Tips

1. Bulletproof Your Kitchen

Know what the first step in any twelve-step program is? Admitting that you’re powerless over whatever it is you’re addicted to. And that goes for food as well.

There’s a lot of power in admitting powerlessness, because it opens up possibilities for action If there are certain situations- or in this case, foods- that you have a lot of trouble with, get rid of them. Bulletproof your kitchen. Why tempt fate? I personally can’t eat one small portion of ice cream and put the rest away, so guess what I do? I don’t keep ice cream in the house! Simple. Set yourself up for success by ridding your immediate environment of the stuff you have a hard time with. If it’s not there, there’s much less chance you’ll eat it. And If you live with other people, ask their cooperation or make a separate area of the kitchen that’s just for you–and make the rest of the stuff in the kitchen off-limits.

Bulletproofing your kitchen is the first step towards setting yourself up for success. And by the way, why stop with the kitchen? Take the lesson you learned about toxic foods and apply it to the rest of your life. Make a list of those “toxic friends”, “toxic situations” and “energy drainers” in your life and start cleaning house. You have enormous personal power to create an environment that supports you in your goals, whether it be weight loss or stress reduction or anything else you want for yourself.

Start using it now. Start with the kitchen- but don’t stop there!

2. Watch Your Language!

You ever notice that when you say “I’m having a really bad day” things just seem to get worse?

Our language is very powerful and actually influences our reality. The way we frame things– the language we use to describe experience- is a very important tool that most of us don’t take advantage of. Saying “I’m fat”, or “I have no willpower”, or “I’ll never be thin” are all statements that close off possibilities rather than open them. Those statements send a message to your powerful unconscious that “this is the way things are”.

Bad move. Studies have shown that our thoughts have powerful influences on our outcomes. Start framing your reality in positive terms- visualize yourself at the weight you want to be and write it down. Use affirmation statements- like “I am 135 pounds and enjoying wonderful, vibrant health!” and put those statements on 3×5 cards and post them where you can see them every day. Even if they’re not real for you yet, those positive images and thoughts send powerful messages to your subconscious that may influence the choices you make going forward.

3. Write Down Your Goals

Consider this: Two people want to go on vacation. One says to the travel agent, “just get me on a plane somewhere out of here”. The other says, “I want to go to St. Martin in December, I want to stay on the French side of the island, and I want daily time booked with the tennis pro”.

Who do you think is more likely to have a great vacation?

Now ask yourself why.

The second person wins because he’s very specific about what he wants. That’s the first step towards getting it, but most of us don’t do it. So here’s a tip we can learn from winners– be very specific about what you want, and then write it down! Virtually every successful person has some system for doing this. You should too.

And when you write those goals down, do it in a very specific, positive way. Don’t just say “I want to lose some weight” or “I’d like to be thin”. Pick a specific goal weight, a specific date and a specific time, and then frame it in a positive way. For example, “I weigh 140 pounds at 5 PM on May 31st”. Actually see and feel yourself experiencing that. You can do that with goals in every area of your life.

The more specific you are and the more positively you frame it, the greater likelihood of you actually seeing it happen.

4. Acknowledge Someone

Here’s a tip that will not only change your life, but will make a difference to the people around you: Acknowledge someone. Every single day. Here’s why:

Most people in the world just want to make a difference. They want to contribute. And they want to be acknowledged for the contributions they make. Think about it: don’t you? How do you feel when someone tells you you’re doing a great job?

I thought so.

But here’s the thing: Acknowledging doesn’t just make a difference for the person being acknowledged. It makes a difference for the person doing the acknowledging as well. Which in this case is you. Don’t you feel better when you’re delivering good news? Every time you tell someone what they mean to you, it not only brightens their day, it brightens yours. And acknowledging- a close cousin to gratitude- helps you focus on the things that are good and wonderful in your life.

The acknowledgement can be small- like telling the elevator operator what great taste in hats he has- or it can be huge. Point is to do it. You can even spend a minute or two thanking your animal companions for the adorable and lovable things they do or for the joy they bring into your life. Doesn’t matter: just express it. In some small way, acknowledging changes your life. It’s a great habit to cultivate. Do it every day this holiday season and watch what happens.

5. Ask Four Questions*

When I do weight loss programs, I rarely concentrate on diet and exercise alone. To me, weight loss is like a stool with three legs, and diet and exercise are only two of the legs. Most of us don’t work on the third leg, which supports the other two.

And that third leg is the rest of your life. Without it, the diet and exercise programs rarely work.

So here’s something you can do to support the rest of your life and to make the diet and exercise program more complete: ask four questions.

1) What did you accomplish yesterday?
2) Why is that important to you?
3) What further progress could you make in that area of your life?
4) What specific action could you take to further your progress?

These questions promote self-awareness, consciousness and mindfulness, and will help you gain strength and perspective on everything else you’re doing. The few moments of reflection needed to answer them will produce countelss dividends in the rest of your life, including by the way, your weight loss program.

These questions help you focus on what’s important to you, and the answers help you make minor “course corrections” in the trajectory of your life. You’ll find them a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals, live your vision, and gain personal power in the process.

Do them every day for a month.

Then watch what happens.

Enjoy the journey.

By Dr. Jonny Bowden

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