Love the taste of sesame? Try these gluten free truffles…

I was looking for a gluten free dessert recipe to make for a friend and found these sesame truffles at  They were easy to make and really delicious –  a perfect quick post workout snack! 
I substituted the agave with raw honey.  There is quite a bit of controversy about whether agave is any better than high fructose corn syurp. Click here to read more and judge for yourself and enjoy the truffles…

Gluten Free Sesame Truffles

These super nutritious little bites of sesame sweetness remind me of the halva I used to devour as a child.  They’re easy to make, vegan, dairy-free and of course, gluten-free.  Don’t let all those healthy labels scare you though, more than anything else, they’re just plain old delicious.

1/2  cup (raw) cashews
1/4  cup tahini (I used roasted, though raw will probably work just as well)
1/4  cup agave nectar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4  cup  sesame seeds (I used raw, though you could toast them for a stronger flavor)

1. Place cashews in food processor and pulse until the texture of coarse sand

2. Add tahini, agave and vanilla and pulse until smooth

3. Transfer mixture from food processor to a bowl and refrigerate 2 hours

4. Roll into 1 inch balls and coat with sesame seeds

5. Serve

Recipe Source: Elana’s Pantry

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