Can you use the metaphors in Avatar to Inspire Weight Loss?

I received this email from and wanted to share with you her interesting insights into the new movie Avatar.  I have not seen it yet, but now I can’t wait….

The biggest movie hit of the season, and possibly of all time, “Avatar” is FULL of inspiration for your fat loss journey.

There is a stream of metaphors, signs, and symbols about how the true *magic* in life is not found when we try to control, attack, or fight for it… The *magic* is found when we embrace, connect, and surrender to the loving source of life that is always flowing through us.

You become ONE with your body.  Your spirit and body are aligned with the consciousness of nature.  That’s when the journey of losing fat and GAINING health becomes… a pleasure.

It’s when you connect to something greater, (like the flow of life that runs through you and all living creatures on this planet) that you find the inspiration to continue on your fat loss journey.  It is only in this place of connection with mother nature and your highest Self that you realize, “I love this body that I’ve been given.  I want to cherish it forever.”

Your Body Is Your Greatest Gift

When you nurture yourself and give yourself the GIFT of health, you are allowing this beautiful, loving force to come through ALL parts of you… and heal you from the inside. Not surprisingly, that’s when you start to lose the fat.  And as an added bonus, because you are ENJOYING this process (how can connecting to this loving, natural source be anything but blissful?)…You know for sure that the fat will never come back.

The People In The Movie “Avatar” Have Found The Answer

The indigenous people on the planet of Pandora in James Cameron’s blockbuster hit movie “Avatar”, understand this connection.  They are not fighting against their land or themselves, they are “in-tune” with it…   They are listening to their deeper wisdom, their deeper truth.  They honor the life force that comes through the land, the sky, and their food.  It was so beautiful to see how these people give a respectful prayer to the life of any food before they eat it.  And how they seek the healing properties of the planet and their connection to Mother Nature to heal their wounds and their fearful hearts.

In other words, these fictional people on this made-up planet have a lesson for all of us.  They understand that this POWER that fuels their civilization and thier culture is available to all of us.

Can A Movie Really Make A Difference In Your Body?

This movie has inspired me to speak my greatest truth… if you’re trying to lose fat by forcing, fighting, hurting, or ‘tricking’ your body in any way…Then you are fighting a battle that you cannot win. 

There is an easier way.  A more healing, softening, and loving way that brings BALANCE to your whole Self – your body, heart, mind, and spirit.  And when you are aligned with your spirit and the natural power of healing transformation that is available to ALL of us at anytime, in any place…Then you are aligned with ALL of the healing energy of the universe, and your journey of losing fat and getting healthy will always be a blessing in your life.

   Even if the planet of Pandora only exists in our imaginations, it is still a great symbol and metaphor for conscious healing.  What better place to set your vision for the New Year and new decade to come?  Listen to your body to guide you. Love your body into health.  And always be patient and forgiving to yourself.  You are tapping into the greatest, most amazing force that exists on this planet. It is worth the journey.

Have you thought about your New Year’s Body Resolution yet? What’s next for you in your journey this year?


3 responses to this post.

  1. Hi, It’s nice article,I hope to get additional information and good benefits from this article


  2. “We are made to persist. That’s how we find out who we are.” don’t you think this holds true?


    • I am working on the other end of finding out who I am by using less force and more acceptance. That being said I am a firm believer in once you figure out your couse to move full stream ahead! Then I just keep my eyes open for confirmation I am on the right path.


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