Extra Credit Holiday Skinny Secrets

Extra Credit Holiday Skinny Secrets

I hate to steal from Santa, but this is the time of year where I want to find out who has been naughty or nice… when it comes to sticking to healthy eating and exercise habits, that is. Naughty is just throwing caution to the wind and eating everything and anything; nice is having some concrete tips in your mind to skinny through the holiday season.

Naughty is flopping on the couch and planning to exercise in 2010; nice is adding more bursting to your workouts to challenge yourself as you hit the new year strong and gorgeous.

You can come out of this season lean and mean if you stay smart. Last week, we discussed a few great strategies for eating at parties without going up a few sizes by the first of the year. Now, it’s time to give you a few extra credit tips that will help you sail through the season.

  • Create a picture of your face on the body of your dreams. Is your goal Halle Berry’s body (and whose isn’t)? Paste your face on that picture and make several copies. Look at a copy before the party to remind yourself of your goals; take a copy with you to stare at in the bathroom if you need “a booster shot” when it comes to your goals. This will serve as an instant reminder of why you’re not jumping into that bowl of chips. Do you want cake or arms like Hilary Swank’s?
  • Double up on the shakes! One of my favorite weight loss secrets is to replace one meal each day with a meal replacement shake. During the holidays or anytime you may be indulging beyond my three bite rule you can double up on those shakes and double your benefits.
  • Reduce the load. Glycemic load that is, trade in your higher sugar, more refined carbs for their high fiber, low glycemic index versions. Trade the grapes for blueberries, the rice for beans, the cornflakes for long cooking oatmeal topped with almonds.
  • Up your fiber! More fiber = slower stomach emptying = less hunger. Add your water in between meals and you should have no problem stopping the snacking and eating every 4-6 hours. Easiest way to fill up on fiber is to add freshly ground flaxseed meal to your shake and include one serving of a high fiber, low glycemic carb to each meal. (That one serving should be no more than 25 grams of carbs and should have at least 5 grams of fiber.)
  • Bust a move… Let’s face it, unless you are hitting the clubs which after the age of 25 just doesn’t seem to be in the social calendar very often, there are pretty limited times to get out there and get funky. Seek out the opportunities to rack up the pedometer steps and stay away from the buffet table by getting things moving on the dance floor. If your family tosses the football around outside, it doesn’t matter if you’re not an athlete. Just join in the fun and move it.
  • Burst! I am a fan of short, intense exercise and I have all of my clients do at least 4 total minutes broken up into 30 second bursts three times a week of full body, all-out exercise (think sprinting, jump roping, stair climbing). Just like you can double your shakes, you can double your bursting and add some more sessions throughout the day. And don’t pull the ‘no time’ excuse, I am ONLY talking about going from 4 total minutes to 8 total minutes!
  • Along with double the bursting you can up the intensity of your workouts as well. The studies are clear that it is the intensity that makes the biggest overall impact to blasting the fat. Remember, it should NEVER get easier!
  • Avoid food pushers by saying, “Aunt Martha, that chocolate covered pie looks really yummy, but my stomach if feeling a bit funky. Can I take a piece home?” No one can keep pushing food if you claim a medical ailment. Never say you’re on a diet because that will turn the average food pusher into a rabid one(and you aren’t on a diet anyway, right?!?!). On the way home, you MUST toss out any “goodie bags” that are carb bombs. If you bring it through your front door, you will probably be curling up with it and a glass of milk. Toss the enemy before it comes into your house.
  • Lift Your Spirits! If someone sends you a tin of cookies or that mile high cracker and cheese tower then drive it right down to your local woman’s shelter or food kitchen where they will certainly appreciate your kindness.

By JJ Virgin, PHD, CNS is a celebrity wellness expert, author, public speaker and media personality.

Don’t wait until after the holidays to get on track with your eating and healthy lifestyle.  You don’t have to gain those “traditional” holiday extra pounds!  I can help.  Contact me at Wendy@fitfoodcoach.com before January 1st and get a free 30 minute consultation and $20 off your initial consult. 

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